We arrived in Zhangjiajie late Monday night and caught a taxi to the International Youth Hostel where we spent one night – it was very basic apparently soap, toilet paper, and towels are luxuries not included in the room price! The next day we caught a bus to the bus station and took a minibus…


After a 14 hour, slightly uncomfortable overnight train we arrived in Zhangye two nights ago. It was crazy to see how much the landscape varies throughout China.

Mount Huashan

Today after a slightly later start than we had hoped for, we headed out on a 2-3 hour bus ride to the town of Huashan where Mt. Huashan is located.

Terra Cotta Warriors

Last night we arrived in Xi’an around 11 pm and caught a cab to Han Tang Inn Hostel. Thank goodness for the luxury of having English speaking staff and a cell phone this trip since our cab driver had no idea where we were going. Once we arrived we both had I think by far…

Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City

Today we had breakfast at a place just down the street from our hutong where we came to realize how much we previously had been overcharged yesterday at the other place we went to. We had the most delicious pork dumpling soup, a donut, and some rice corn soup which they gave us by mistake…

China at Long Last

After a hectic flurry to get ready to leave, two days ago Melissa and I arrived at the airport in Beijing!