Coming Home

  Well I’m currently at the elephant bar in my hotel waiting for it to be time to go the airport. Advertisements

And Monday it is!

Well my passport never came so I am spending my weekend in Phnom Penh ( guess my realistic Monday guess was right ). Hopefully hopefully come Monday they will actually have my passport since that’ll mark a week since its been sent (1-2 days my butt ) and then ill be Canada bound.

It’s a Waiting Game

I’m trying to stay positive but it’s starting to feel like I’ll never get out of Phnom Penh ( yes I know I’m being dramatic but I’m bored and have been here for two weeks now straight and just over a week in times before. And we all know patience isn’t my strong suit ).

And the Plot Thickens…

A man has just turned in my document holder (passport included) to authorities in Bangkok. Now I just have to wait 2-3 days for it to get here. Awwww yeah !!! Woot woot. Dance party by myself !     Return to Home Page

My Vacation From Asia

For those of you who haven’t yet been told, Thursday night while we were asleep in our rooms someone broke in and stole Vans wallet and my travel document holder which had my passport, ID, visa, debit, and health care cards.

Farewell Cambodia

After deciding that Ratanakkiri was not possible in my current state, we have decided to fly to Jakarta early and I’m going to go see a real doctor ( and hopefully finally be fixed!! ). We leave early tomorrow morning!


Well tonight is our last in Sihanoukville. We head back to Phnom Penh tomorrow morning. Lucky for us the weather has turned dreary and wet so it’s not too sad to be leaving here.

Rabbit Island and Kep

We just arrived back from Rabbit Island after a lovely three days there and an interesting two nights. Within the first ten minutes of being in our place, I unfortunately discovered a monster spider


Today we are heading from Kampot to Kep ( which is pronounced like kype which I think is confusing since that is not at all how I would think to pronounce it! ). Yesterday we went up to Bokor National Park

I’m Still Alive

After an unfortunate few days of my butt being kicked in Phnom Penh ( stupid bacteria and severe dehydration due from my inability to keep down fluids leading to an unfortunate day of being hooked up to an IV ) I am now capable of doing things again ( at least in small doses before…

Phnom Penh round two…

Well the streets are absolutely closed near the Royal Palace, but we have been informed that tomorrow it will all be reopened. It’s closed today, as the tuk tuk driver put it, because “the prime minister is here and what if we have a grenade with us”…. I’ve yet to even see a real grenade…


Well after spending two days in Battambang we are catching a night bus back to Phnom Penh ( hopefully the city will be back to normal and not half shut down ).

Siem Reap continued….

Today after finishing day two of temples, we had a nice few pool hours then headed into town for a massage and pedicure ( yeah I know I’m living a hard life ). On eventful news of the day, I almost tipped over a tuk tuk getting into it. Self respect went out the door…

Siem Reap

Last night we arrived in Siem reap by bus from Phnom Penh. After an unfortunate amount of bugs that were on the bed and kept appearing from underneath the bed, I broke

Damn Cambodians

You would think normal people would tell you in advance if they wouldn’t let you leave your hotel…. But of course not in Asia.

The City That Shuts Down

So of course we choose to pick to come to Phnom Penh is when the king dies. So every single day more and more of the riverside is shut down and more and more shops and restaurants continue to close down.


Today we arrived in the late afternoon in lovely Cambodia (: We are staying at the Bright Lotus Guest House ( thanks to a recommendation from my lovely seester ) and had the most delicious dinner at Boat Noodle Restaurant ( seriously best meal I’ve had in Asia so far… Second pat on the back…