Creating a Travel Map

So bear with me, this is my first time writing an advice piece but I wanted to offer people help with making a travel map like I did in my Europe post.  I ended up going to a bunch of websites and playing around with it to figure it out so I figured I’d make this so hopefully other people don’t have the same struggles!

It’s a fairly simple process once you know how to do it.  In imovie you go under the tab maps & backgrounds on the bottom left hand side.  There you’ll find a variety of different maps to choose from – I chose the old world globe for mine.  Once that’s in your frame bar below, double click it and above the image you’ll see a little globe appear.  In there you can select your starting and end point.  Once you’ve done this you’ll have to copy and paste it for each new location.  You can hit the toggle between the two places to reverse their order (which will save you time from having to retype both locations!).  You’ll probably want to play with the time setting for each frame to ensure you have a smooth travel outline (i.e. longer distances should have longer times, etc.).  Also if you can’t find your location, which was my case for Cortona and Giffone, find the coordinates through google.  Be sure to include just the numbers and a comma separating the two coordinates with no spaces (i.e. 3.2756,11.9881) and then where it says name to display on map, erase custom location and add the title you want to be seen on the map.

After that you’re video is done so you are left with how you would like to upload it to your blog.  I tried the whole create your own gif but I honestly found the map just got really choppy and slow and wasn’t what I wanted.  (I used lunapic though if that is what you want to do – You need to export it from imovie as a video a.k.a. mp4 and then upload it to lunapic and work on it there. Be sure to save the file once your done on lunapic so you can upload it to your blog!)  I chose to use vimeo instead of youtube because I don’t really like the look of the youtube player and I find vimeo has a cleaner look.  Once again I go to export and I select vimeo and once its uploaded to my account I just copy the url and past it into my blog post.  Nice and simple plus it doesn’t use up any of your space allowance on wordpress!

Hope that helps and if you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll try my best to help!



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