Amsterdam, Netherlands

I’ve officially fallen in love with the stroopwaffel.  What is a stroopwaffel you ask? The most delicious heavenly dessert ever.  A kind of waffel crepe cinnamony cookie with caramel (the best in my opinion), honey, or syrup sandwiched in between.  These were amazing and I definitely had more of them than I should have in my time in Amsterdam…


Lucky for me, the weather in Amsterdam was quite nice considering it was Amsterdam.  The rain held off for the most part until the day I departed.  Although it wasn’t warm by any means, it was a much welcome change from the 30+ weather Vanessa and I had been experiencing.  I must admit, being in a hotel was such a nice change from being in a hostel.  I cannot reiterate how fantastic it was to have a real bed and not just a foamie and to have AC.  My time in Amsterdam was laidback and with no real plan I mostly wandered around the streets, taking in the narrow, eclectic buildings which I learned were all built so narrow because they were originally taxed by the width of the front of the house.  Hence the buildings being so narrow but tall.  I walked the canals, the Red Light District past BullDogs, the first coffeeshop, and through the tulip market.  It was refreshing to have a change in food and to find myself surrounded by fruits and vegetables and so many healthy options.  As much as I love my stroopwafels and bread, it was fantastic to have some salads and delicious fresh juices again and not just bread and meat.  I went to the Van Gogh Musuem and spent an afternoon admiring all his pieces and learning a lot more about his life and the other artists that influenced him and also he influenced.  Overall Amsterdam was fantastic although 3 days may have been a bit too long there for my own preference.  My next stop is London to see Stacey!



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