Galway and Dublin, Ireland

Our time in Ireland is coming to a close. Unfortunately for us, we got to experience true Irish weather and had cold, wet weather for the past week. I definitely understand how it can be so green here though now! Raining 288 days on average a year is a solid start. We started our adventure here in Galway, a university town on the West coast of Ireland. We were surprised to find a huge amount of organic and gluten free food there which was a much welcomed surprise. It was a nice break from the meat and potato heavy meals we’ve been having in the past few countries. The town itself was small but very cute and the Irish people were exceptionally kind and welcoming. People here are so nice its crazy! The main street had colourful buildings with flags strung overhead. The Euro 2016 soccer games have been going on so needless to say we’ve witnessed some intense Irish people watching the games and celebrating merrily afterwards. We did a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher but it decided to pour that day so we actually couldn’t really see the cliffs at all and were literally blow around at the top. It was quite comically now looking back but at the time not quite so much. We were soaked needless to say (but thank god for our rain ponchos so at least only half of us were soaked).

IMG_5280 2
Just a tad windy and rainy at the top of the cliffs…

Afterwards we headed to Dublin because lets be real, I couldn’t come to Ireland and not go to the Guinness Storehouse. I definitely didn’t realize how large it was going to be but it was massive. The large glass pint structure in the centre of the storehouse would take 14 million pints to fill! And the land its on is being leased on a 9000 year lease signed in 1759. Like how crazy is that? 9000 years!!!! Insane in the membrane! I learned that Guinness is actually ruby red which blew my mind and also that it should be served at 5 degrees. We got to learn how to pour the perfect pint and then go upstairs to see a view of the Dublin skyline from the glass bar on top. Definitely was the highlight of my trip. That evening we went to watch the soccer game and listen to some live music within the Temple Bar area.

Now we’re off to Portugal tomorrow and I’m beyond excited. Tash, Liam, and Pati have all arrived already! Pamplona reunion here I come!!!


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