The Hills Are Alive in Salzburg, Austria

On Thursday night we arrived in Salzburg after a stressful train ride in which we almost missed our connection.  Luckily we made it and just in time for it to be pouring rain here.  Oh goody.  I think we’re about to come into an unlucky streak with weather for the next bit.  It wasn’t all bad though, we did manage to have a sunny day for Friday which is what mattered the most as it was the day we planned on having a picnic.  We took a train on Friday to Werfen which is where the picnic scene in the Sound of Music was filmed.  Lucky for us in October a Sound of Music Trail was opened to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film.  It was a quick and easy hike up with cute little Sound of Music theme things along the way.  Up at the top we had a picnic and took in the breathtaking Austrian countryside around us.  Words can’t even begin to describe it.  And how could I forget, of course I had to play “Do Re Mi” song while we sat up there.  It wouldn’t have been complete otherwise!

Sticking to our Sound of Music theme, we visited the Mirabell Gardens to see the Pegasus Fountain, the steps which they sang “Do Re Mi” on, and the vine tunnel they ran through.  Afterwards we crossed the Mozart Bridge to take us to the Residenz Square to see the fountain where Maria sang “I Have Confidence in Me” at the opening of the movie.  We walked up onto the hillside to visit the Abbey next.  The view from up top was crazy beautiful, the whole city looked like it was part of a set it was just so beautiful, set amongst lush rolling hills.  We took a stroll to the other side of the fort that overlooked the city, through lush green countryside to arrive at the entrance to the Von Trapp Family home (in the movie anyways), the Frohnburg Palace which is a music academy now. From there we walked further to see the Gazebo at Hellbrunn Palace and finished off by going to Leopold Palace to see the house used as the Von Trapp home.  It was absolutely stunning on the lake (though unforunately raining) and we may have accidentally trespassed onto the property to see it.  We didn’t realize until afterwards on our way out when we used the walking part that said private property.  How were we to know, the main gates were open when we arrived!

Our hostel, Stadatlm, was at the top of the cliff overlooking the city.  It had amazing views and a fantastic restaurant albeit no common room which kind of sucked.  However, the last night Bojana (from Cortona in case you all don’t remember), arrived at the hostel to start her stay there!  Such a small world! We originally thought we were going to miss each other but our days ended up overlapping.  It was fantastical to have the chance to catch up with her and laugh about the good old times… and yes I mean like 3 weeks ago.  We both agree, it just feels like such a longer span of time has lapsed than actually has but I guess that is just what happens when you’re hopping around from place to place, trying to get in all that you can within your time at each place.




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