Ciao Cortona

I’m sitting at the train station as I’m writing this, trying to wrap my head around how this month has gone by so quickly. It feels like just last week that we all struggled to climb the steep hills of Cortona for the first time. I can’t say I’ve conquered the inclines yet but at least I’m not dying nearly as much as I was at the beginning. It’s hard to think that I’ve only known the friends I’ve made here for such a short time. They’ve become a second family and it was extremely sad to have to say goodbye, albeit I will see them all come fall thankfully.

Oh hey there Cortona

Life in Cortona has definitely gotten busier as it went along. I haven’t had to write so many essays in such a long time! I’m not complaining because I’m in Italy but seriously so many essays. Last weekend I went to Lago Trassemo with Rachel, Mickey, Nicole, Kat, and Malobi. Our prof Valentina was kind enough to organize it for us. We spent the day lazing around in the sun; finally getting some nice weather which seems like is here to stay.   Laura, our coordinator, saw us there and I think she thought we were crazy to be in our bathing suits. She was dressed in jeans, leather boots, a leather jacket, and a scarf. It was 27 degrees out and sunny… I don’t know how she did it! Last night we had our last dinner at the hostel and afterwards we went to the Lions Well Pub one last time together. There will be some group pictures to come when I get them sent to me!


That loverly individual in the middle is mama!


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