A Weekend Getaway to Florence

This weekend I went with 7 other girls to Florence.  I know I said I wouldn’t be travelling much but everyone was going and it just seemed like it would be a decision I would regret if I had chose not to go. We caught an early train out from Cortona on Friday along with 18 other students. We stayed in an Airbnb, which was in an amazing location which over looked the San Lorenzo Market and was a quick walk to the Duomo. Our first day the other girls went to the Ufizi museum but as I am going to be going there later this summer I decided to take a stroll around the other side of the river in Florence instead. I started off at the Piazza Pitti and decided to play my favourite game of “pick a direction” and just wander and see where I would wind up. I ended up outskirting The Boboli Gardens and climbing the hill, stumbling upon a park with live music and gorgeous views along the way, ending up in Piazza Michelangelo.

We did all of the tourist sights – saw the Duomo, all the different Piazzas, and went through numerous churches. I had gelato every single day and hands down found the best gelato place yet so far on my trip. We met two guys, Alessandro from Turin and Andrei from Florence, who were kind enough to show us around and give us a tour of the city. They also showed us a place that made chianti wine sorbet. It was love – I’m pretty sure I could eat that sorbet everyday for the rest of my life. By their recommendation we also went to a pizza place that evening and I split a magherita pizza with Gabbie. I’m literally going to be obese when I get home because everything is just so delicious!!! We also had the most amazing sandwhiches ever from All’antico Vinaio which was featured on You Gotta Eat Here and was literally to die for. I had the Boss sandwhich which had a truffle spread, prosciutto, and pecorino cheese all served on warm fresh bread from their bakery. We walked to Piazza della Signoria and sat on the steps and listened to a man playing the guitar while we ate our lunch. It was a perfect afternoon. We met up with Monty, Marc, Irfan, and Aiden our last night to go out for a night on the town. We danced the night away albeit we may have slightly regretted that decision at checkout in the morning. Now I’m back at home and bonus I came home to a made bed courtesy of mama. No complaints from over here.

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  1. nikirath says:

    Beautiful pictures. I am visiting Florence next month, can’t wait!


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