Christmas Break

It’s still a pretty surreal feeling to be back home in Canada.  I’ve definitely had to adjust to the temperature change but I am glad I got to have a white Christmas after all!  After a very stressful flight fiasco I arrived home on the 23rd and spent the following day catching up with my grandmother.  We went to our friends Jackie and Ken’s for lunch and as per usual the spread was unbelievable!  It was nice to get the chance to catch up and we got to see Jackie’s new paintings done with with an imprinting technique.  It’s amazing the different layers and textures you can create with household items!

On Christmas day I pulled the ultimate surprise on my father and completely caught him off guard.  To say the least when he went to the trunk to help my sister lift a gift out of the trunk he didn’t expect to find me in it!

The next week consisted of a mad flurry of seeing everyone and catching up on everything I missed during the past 4 months.  It was also a crazy week of eating all of the food and I definitely got some of everything I had been missing during my time abroad in Spain.  On the last Saturday of the break we decided to go see the ice castles.  It was unreal and I still am baffled at how they built it.  There definitely are some perks to being it so cold here!


And of course I couldn’t finish my break without a trip to Jasper to visit the rest of the fam jam.  I am always, without fail, in awe of the Rocky Mountains.  Their majestic beauty is just something that is beyond compare.

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