Christmas Dinner


It is hard to wrap my head around the fact that my time in Spain is coming to an end.  People are slowly starting to head home or moving onwards with their travels so the dreaded goodbyes have begun and it’s honestly just so sad.  As it was the last time we will all be able to be together, we decided to host an early Christmas dinner last night.

Rita and I spent the past day getting everything ready and doing some Christmas decorations for our place which finally made it start to feel like Christmas.  Not having snow is super weird and with the leaves still falling here it does not feel much like Christmas.  I received my package from home and was elated to receive some Christmas cards!  It was a bittersweet reminder though that I will not be with all of you for Christmas.

I have to admit, cooking for 12 people is a tad overwhelming even with people bringing side dishes and desserts.  Rita and I had a very stressful and busy day of cooking but it was all worth it in the end and I cherished all the time I got to spend with Rita.  I am not anywhere near ready to say goodbye to her and it is increasingly apparent to us how little time we have left together.  I cannot have imagined a better roommate and friend to have here.

Everyone came over for a fantastic dinner and one last night out on the town afterwards.  We had turkey and Bacalhau com Natas (a Portuguese dish of fish, potatoes, Bechamel sauce, and cheese), and all of the potatoes, salads, and stuffing.  We exchanged our secret Santa gifts and had some great laughs.  I’m going to miss everyone; they’ve become like a second family here.  I cannot imagine what my exchange would have been without these lovely gems!




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  1. Jackie says:

    Beautiful moment! Cherish the experience more than all the gold:)


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