Churreria La Mañueta

I went on an expedition to find the churreria that was recommended by the sweets tour I went on last weekend.  After a bit of research and of course with assistance of google maps, I learned that the place is called Churreria La Mañueta and it is run by this precious 96 year old woman.  Lucky for me I woke up early on Sunday because not only is this place only open 4 Sundays of the year and for San Fermin but on Sundays it is only open from 7:45-11:00 a.m..  That’s right folks, it is only open for 3 hours and 15 minutes.  For me, this is sign one that it was going to be amazing.  How else can you get away with such horrendous hours?!  Sign number two, the line is not just zigzagging within the store but also lining up outside on the street to the next building down.

By the time I left, the line was twice the size!
By the time I left, the line was twice the size!

Inside, not only was the precious woman who owned the place there but you could tell immediately this was a family business and the people who worked there had passion for what they were doing.  You could see into the kitchen and the back the wall was lined with wood and the fire burned beneath the bubbling oil the churros were being fried in.  I could see them churning the batter and piping it into the oil.  From there the churros were given to the front, sliced, and packed up in little bags that were then wrapped in newspaper to keep them warm.

Hands down, these were the best churros I’ve ever had in my life!  They didn’t have churros con chocolate like I normally get but even with just a bit of sugar they were perfection.  Since I was bringing them home for a treat for myself and my roommates, I did melt my own chocolate to dip them in but the one I had when it was hot and by itself was divine!  A perfect balance of salty and sweet, still doughy in the center – fried to the perfect point.


To say the least, Joana and Rita were very pleased to wake up to find churros awaiting them.  They both agreed that these were hands down the best churros ever!



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