Sierra de Urbión

Laguna Negra
Laguna Negra

I am of course a huge fan of fall.  I mean who doesn’t love the time of year you get to wear all you big scarves and boots?  At home I can’t get enough of everything pumpkin and love the changing colours of the leaves.  Being in Spain I have needed to forgo the first of those two things; however, Spain has made the leaves that much better than at home.  For the past month I’d say leaves have been changing (much unlike our week long process where they change and all fall!!).  Best of all the colours I find are a lot more vibrant here! So when the Mountain Club decided to do another hike I couldn’t resist when I knew the views would be gorgeously dotted with magical colours of fall.

Sierra de Urbión (Urbión Mountain Range) is located near Vinuesa, Spain which is about two and a half hours southwest of Pamplona and within the province of Soria.  My roommate Rita decided to give hiking a try with me so we set out yesterday on the traversia a la Sierra Urbión (crossing to the Urbión Mountain Range).  It was supposed to be a 22km hike, with us climbing Pico de Urbíon (2,228m) and ending off at Laguna Negra (Black Lagoon).  The actual hike took us just over 29 km as the guides had some technical difficulties with finding the way.

Rita and I started off the hike well – being distracted talking and not paying attention to where we were walking.  Needless to say we walked into deep gushy mud and I quickly ran myself out without getting too dirty but poor Rita got stuck in the mud.  I literally had to pull her out with all my strength, that mud did not want to let go of her shoes!  I mean technically Rita saved herself like $100 on a mud spa treatment.  We mosied on, actually at quite a good tempo, until we arrived at a little shack where a man lived (I didn’t actually think people lived in any of them!).  Not that I could understand but as Rita gave me the gist, the man raved on about the government for a good 15 minutes (yelling and bursting in to sporadic song might I add).  Just slightly a raving mad, conspiracy theorist!


It took us about four hours to get the final ascent.  Along the way the landscape had changed from colourful trees to bright green hilly landscape to barren rock.  The final hike itself was strenuous but a piece of cake after the first hike in the Pyrenees.  We arrived at the top, albeit in my opinion with much less nicer views than the first hike.  I found it extremely interesting how much sand was on the top.  That plus the shapes of the bushes reminded me of coral reefs; it was an eerie feeling of the ocean once residing with the mountain top as its floor.  We started our descent fairly fast as we realized we were running quite late at this point.  Unfortunately, I slightly lost Rita along the way and after a worrisome time and sending a guide back up to the rock pile that was the peak to find her, Rita appeared!! Hooray for not losing your friends!

To add to our time dilemma, we got lost a view more times on the way down but we did eventually find Laguna Negra.  It was as beautiful as I had hoped it was going to be and I truly believe that fall must be the best time to see it.  Just stunning.

We arrived back in Pamplona three and a half hours late but lucky for us Joanna was a gem and had made us dinner before she had left to Luke and Liam’s place.  Overall it was a really nice hike, with stunning views along the way.



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  1. Jackie says:

    Fall is my favorite as well:)
    Your photos are stunning. I am super proud of you and your adventurous spirit!


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