Pamplona Sweets Tour

So Joana is in the middle in the bright yellow jacket. Pati is the girl to my left and Rita is two from my right. After her is Paige (which is the other girl from my school), Veronika, Tina (she’s the girl who originally was going to be living with us in our apartment), then it’s Juli and Cata!

Today Rita, Joana, Pati, Tashana and I went on a sweets tour hosted by the our university’s International Relations Committee (the world is conspiring to make me obese and get diabetes).  We started at Tres Reyels Hotel and from there we hit seven different pastelerias and churrerias (though supposedly the best churreria in Pamplona was closed so we will have to go tomorrow or next Sunday as it is only open through San Fermin and the month of October but only on Sundays… and we thought Thanh Thanh had bad hours!).  At the first bakery, Arrasate Panaderia, which is known all over Navarre for their bread, I had this croissant meet cinnamon bun creation.  It looked like a flattened croissant but there’s no picture to be shown as I was starving so I inhaled it…

Afterwards we hit up a few pastelerias whose specialties were pastries and a few chocolate shops!  Confitería Layana is considered by many the best pastry shop in Pamplona and I must admit the short bread cookies with like a whipped butter cream between them was indescribably delicious!  My favourite for pastries was Pastas Beatriz.  From the outside it looked like a run down, divey little place but their pastries with fillings in them were the best yet I’ve had in Spain!  It was divine but we are all in pain now from all the sweets we ate.

So by now you probably know everyone but just to remind you, we have Tash on the far left then Pati, yours truly, Joana, and lastly Rita.
So by now you probably know everyone but just to remind you, we have Tash on the far left then Pati, yours truly, Joana, and lastly Rita.

On our way back home after the tour, we were passing through Plaza del Castillo when we noticed people in outfits and crowds in the center.  So we checked it out and I’m not exactly sure what was going on (my guess is it had to do with Semana de la Cazuelica y el Vino which is a week of Navarasse food and wine specials at restaurants) but we got to see some traditional dancing!  We just always seem to be in the right places at the right time for these kind of things!



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