This weekend Tashana, Katarzyna, Joanna, and I went to Málaga (we went to the city but the province it’s in is called Málaga as well).  Tashana and I had no class on Friday so we headed out on an earlier bus to Bilbao which is where our flight departed from.  We did our own tapas bar crawl around the city centre before heading to the airport.  As per usual, the food was divine!La Viña del Ensanche was my favourite place we went to and they had a killer wine selection!  Our flight unfortunately was delayed but eventually we did get into Malaga and just in time to catch the last train from the airport.

We had found a house off airbnb to stay at near the old part of town.  It was actually cheaper by a substantial amount than to just get 4 beds in a dorm – definitely a perk of travelling with more people.  However, there were definitely more than a few hiccups on the trip.  I guess its the cost you pay when travelling with a larger group of people, especially when you don’t know everyone that well.  First, I get that I’m a native English speaker and I’m also a useless human being because I can’t speak another language.  However, I still do find it kind of rude for you to speak Polish for the majority of the time when Tashana and I both do not.  I get sometimes but I feel they were just talking about things they didn’t want us to hear and planning things without telling us.  Oh well, it was still a really fun trip!

On Saturday, Tashana and I started the morning off by going to grab a coffee and croissant while we waited for the girls to wake up.  From there we headed to go see the Alcazaba, which means citadel in Arabic and it is this palacial fortress from the 11th century.  It is said to be the best-preserved fortress in Spain and as I have a Spanish student card it only cost me €.60 to get in!

Poor Tash wasn't quite ready for this one but in the middle that's Joanna and on the right is Katarzyna. If the names didn't give it away, they're Polish!
Poor Tash wasn’t quite ready for this one but in the middle that’s Joanna and on the right is Katarzyna. If the names didn’t give it away, they’re Polish!

Afterwards we headed to the Museo Picasso which was really cool but I have to admit I just have a hard time agreeing with people’s analysis of art.  Maybe he didn’t paint over another painting to give it depth.  Maybe he just didn’t feel like going out and buying a new canvas.  Anyways, aside from my stubborness, it was very cool way to spend a couple hours.

Throughout the museum, they had quotes on the walls in each gallery. This one was my favorite so clearly it had to be documented.
Throughout the museum they had quotes on the walls in each of the galleries. This one was my favourite so clearly it had to be documented.

After the museum we chose to split up due to a difference in opinions – so Tash and I spent the afternoon in a square having a delicious lunch and making friends with some Englishmen who were at the table next to us.  Definitely were a lot more English speaking people in Málaga.

Tortilla chips coated in paprika… Spaniards are ingenious when it comes to food!

That evening we met up with Katarzyna’s friends Ola and Ireneja for a few drinks in Plaza de la Merced before heading out for a night on the town.  Without a doubt there is a lot more night life going on there than in Pamplona!  The next day we hit up Playa de la Malagueta (one of the beaches) but on our way we noticed blockades and a huge commotion going on.  Clearly we had to check it out and as it always seems to happen, we accidentally stumbled upon the Guardia Civil Parade which included a marching band, horses, and firing rifles!


Down by the harbor
Down by the harbor

For our last dinner, we had slight differences in our choices for what we wanted so we separated again.  Tashana and I went to a restaurant in old town and had paella which was amazing!  We felt we couldn’t leave the south without eating paella.  That would just be wrong.  It definitely was better than paella in Pamplona!  We ran into more of our “hiccups” on Sunday when Ola ended up not replying (or as Tash and I expect, Katarzyna never really asked) so we were left homeless for the night.  It was super frustrating because we could have stayed at our place for only €10 more each and we had asked so many times if it was for sure okay for us to stay there if they didn’t want to book another night.  Unfortunately Katarzyna and Joanna failed to tell us this before they returned from dinner 3 hours later.  So we were left without the chance to really find a place to stay… Lucky for me I only had one hour of class today but Tashana had 9 hours and 2 presentations, one of them being a 45 minute one… Needless to say Tashana wasn’t too pleased with them.  We ended up parting ways and Tash and I caught a cab to the airport (since trains were finished by that point) and we slept in the departures teriminal.  Definitely was an adventure and by the time we were at the airport, it was quite comical.  As I always say, it was character building.

I figured the comfiest place to sleep would be the kids area on the padded floor. Luckily for us we had brought a sheet for on the beach!
I figured the comfiest place to sleep would be the kids area on the padded floor. Luckily for us we had brought a sheet for on the beach!

Overall I had a really fun time this weekend and it was nice to get away from Pamplona.  Lessons I learned from this trip though:

  1. Don’t be lazy and forget to recharge your phone plan.  Being internet dependent on others leaves you in situations you could have avoided had you been able to google things.
  2. Even if it is someone else’s trip and you were just invited, still plan everything beforehand yourself just in case!  How people don’t know when transit runs or other basic things is a tad baffling to me!!



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