View from just down the street from our Hotel. The Faj thought it looked like it was floating

I apologize for not posting in so long.  I arrived on Thursday in Pamplona but I must say its been pretty busy the past 5 days trying to get everything in order and hanging out with my Faja for the last couple times I could before he headed home yesterday!  I’m writing this from inside my new apartment.  Exciting stuff, I know.  Pictures of the place are to come but I am waiting until the girl who is in the other room moves out tomorrow.  Right now her stuff is still in the bathroom so my stuff is in my bedroom so everything is disarrayed and not picture ready.

Where to begin… well Pamplona itself is pretty large.  Everything we’ve seen for the most part is in either old town or Iturrama or just slightly into the surrounding areas.  My apartment is in Iturrama but it is right on the edge of the Ciudadela which is a park, well it used to be a fort and now its a park.  So if you head northeast of the park (I’m on the SW part of it) you will hit Casco Antiguo Alde Zaharra which is what we refer to as old town and south of the park is Iturrama.  It’s a pretty great location.  I’m a 15 minute walk to everything in old town – Plaza Del Castillo  (this adorable square with a gazebo in the centre of it) and all the pintxo places and bars – and  a 20 minutes walk to the University (which is south of my apartment).  The campus itself is pretty amazing.  The landscape is gorgeous and lush and the buildings are all super cool and a lot more interesting and grand on scale than our buildings at the University of Alberta.  I went to the welcoming days on Friday where I met two girls who I’m now friends with, both of whom are from the University of Exeter in England.  Constance is from Paris and Tashana is from Southampton and both of them are in the Economics and Business Administration program here.  Today we went to orientation together and then did a bit of shopping at El Cortes Ingles (which is a huge department store here, like I’m talking about 9 or 10 levels).  I got a little coffee machine contraption, which I only knew existed because Rachelle told me so.  It’s burgundy and puuurrddyy.

I've got my caffeine needs covered just in time for school tomorrow!
I’ve got my caffeine needs covered just in time for school tomorrow!

On Saturday we are all planning to go to San Sebastian together along with Graciela who we also met on welcoming days.  So it will be a day full of sunshine, beaches, and amazing pintxos!

Backtracking on my thoughts, my first three days here I spent at Pamplona Catedral Hotel with the Faja.  It was inside the fort and part of the old town.  I absolutely love the older buildings here.  For the most part we didn’t really hit up any sites but just wandered around, grabbed some stuff I needed for my apartment (like a bunch of cleaning supplies and new sheets), and ate some delicious food and drank some fantastic wines.  Needless to say our last 10 days travelling haven’t been too stressful!

View from our window at the Pamplona Catedral Hotel
View from our window at the Pamplona Catedral Hotel
Part of old town
Part of old town

But yeah that’s about it.  I’m just trying to figure out my schedule since they’ve changed the times some of the courses are being offered so now everything is clashing.  Oh the joys and wonders.  Come September 10 though everything will be set so it’s just a matter of getting all that needs to be done by then!



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