We Have Arrived!


This morning, su padre and myself arrived in Barcelona!  We adapt quick and have already adopted part of the Spanish lifestyle, joining in with a glorious nap during siesta time.  Before our nap we walked down random side streets, passing through the Gothic Quarters of the city, all while heading to our end destination of the Boardwalk.  There we grabbed some guacamole and amazing mint chicken while taking in our amazing beach side view as we drank our ice cold cervezas.  Now we are about to head out to one of the main streets we walked earlier called La Rambla to find a place to eat some tapas and drink all of the wine.  Just jokes, we’ll only be having una copa de vino tinto (a glass of red wine) and in padre’s case, una copa de vino blanco… darn gout!

La Catedral in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona
La Catedral in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

And on a side note, get used to random Spanish words because this is how I’m going to help teach myself.  Luckily for me only Ana Lea and Melissa will know if I’m saying things wrong because chances are it’ll happen a lot!



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