Mount Huashan


Today after a slightly later start than we had hoped for, we headed out on a 2-3 hour bus ride to the town of Huashan where Mt. Huashan is located. Since we couldn’t find the stair route we went up the main route instead. It started up as back and forth incline with lots of stands and restaurants situated along the way. And what came at first as a relief to have some stairs for a change of pace turned into 2500-3000¬†stairs of not so much enjoyment. Needless to say I’m definitely out of shape! The mountain was beautiful, completely different from our mountains at home.¬†Along the chains that outline the stairs of the mountain, people put on locks to symbolize their relationship with the mountain and to send in their prayers for family and friends.

You definitely do feel accomplished when you reach the top but as some of the stairs were like completely vertical we had to cable car down since I’m way too scared to go down them. For some reason going up is always easier than going down when it comes to heights!


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