Terra Cotta Warriors

Last night we arrived in Xi’an around 11 pm and caught a cab to Han Tang Inn Hostel. Thank goodness for the luxury of having English speaking staff and a cell phone this trip since our cab driver had no idea where we were going. Once we arrived we both had I think by far our best night sleep here! Yay for sleeping past 3:30 am. Needless to say we had a much slower start ( and a much needed shower) but it was glorious none the less. We wandered around looking for a new breakfast place (with no luck) and then proceeded to eat a Western breakfast at our place which was very dissatisfying to say the least. Needless to say we’ve been loving the Asian cuisine and the Chinese breakfasts. We then took bus 603 to the train station (1 yuan each way) and walked to the East side of the station and caught the 306 bus (7 yuan each way) headed out to the Terra Cotta Warriors. After a falsely advertised student discount that only applies to Chinese students (thanks for nothing UNESCO) we entered the site and began our wanderings.

To break it down there are three different pits in which they excavated the warriors. Pit 1 was where it all began when some farmers began digging for a well in March of 1974 and found a warrior. Before then, any found remains had been dismissed and just disgarded. In pit 1 is where the majority of the remains were found. Pretty impressive that they opened it October 1 just over 6 months after finding the first warrior!

Pit #1
Fun fact: #6 was the warrior that was first discovered
Fun fact: #6 was the warrior that was first discovered

In pit 2 is where the warriors were found in ranks and it’s to the North of the first pit. It was still really cool but most of it is still in the process of being excavated so there wasn’t nearly as much to see. They did however have a few sample artifacts out for display of the different types of warriors and weapons which was amazing to see up close. Also for the best 10 yuan ever (approximately $2) we got to take pictures with the warriors.



In pit 3 is where the general and other high ranking officers were said to be stationed. However due to natural disaster (on which they didn’t specify) most of the remains were severely harmed or destroyed. Of all three pits, pit 3 contained the least amount of soldiers as in it only 64 warriors were found. Upon entering the pit you saw four horses and some soldiers in rank in very good condition. I really am just at a loss at how people could forget about and lose track of an army of soldiers like this. It just baffles my mind!



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