Great Wall of China


Today we got back from our two days on the Jinshanling Wall. Our guide Peter led us and a girl from San Fransisco named Emily from the Eastern Five Window Tower to the General Tower the first day (9km) where we walked down to the village and ate a delicious dinner!


My loverly sister, Melissa!
My loverly sister, Melissa!

Afterwards we drove west to the Longyukou Pass where we camped in a watchtower. It was absolutely breathtaking to see the stars in the sky (something after the pollution in Beijing seemed slightly impossible) and the wall outlined in the moonlight. Unfortunately for us it was an extremely windy night but thankfully we’re Canadian and it wasn’t nearly as cold as they led us to believe it would be. The next morning we woke up early and walked to the next tower and climbed to the roof to watch the sunrise. I’m amazed at just how lush the countryside is. Afterwards we ate a breakfast which included cake (how can you go wrong) and then set off down the wall. This portion of the wall was in much more worn down conditions and a lot of the stone gone as villagers had stolen it previously to build homes and gates for their animals. At a certain point we couldn’t cross the wall anymore so we took to a path down the mountainside (more of a hill if you asked me) and made our way back to the Jinshnaling Wall. There at the Taochunkou Pass we started back to the General Tower. This side of the wall was completely empty and much more lush and in my opinion much more breathtaking. Again I feel this experience has left me without words to properly describe what I saw. No pictures we took could properly do the wall justice. I can understand now why it is one of the 7 wonders of the world! Officially accomplished the first item ever to be on my bucket list as a child ^_^ Great success

Inside the watchtower is where we slept!
Inside the watchtower is where we slept!




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