Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City

Today we had breakfast at a place just down the street from our hutong where we came to realize how much we previously had been overcharged yesterday at the other place we went to. We had the most delicious pork dumpling soup, a donut, and some rice corn soup which they gave us by mistake instead of congee and all together it was only $3! Afterwards we walked to Tiananmen Square and onwards to the Forbidden Palace aka the Palace Museum (which I have to say having synonymous names is really confusing).  Once again I’m at a loss of words at how to describe the Forbidden City. I can’t get over how large or how elaborate it is. When you think you’ve gone a fair way through, you’ve actually only hit the first of three halls. The gardens inside are massive and you feel like you’re in a completely different place than Beijing amongst all the towering trees. It literally is just indescribable.


Afterwards we hit up Jingshuan Park where we got a view of the Forbidden City from above. By advice of Dave, we went searching for rooftop patios by one of the lakes and after getting mildly lost and really having no idea whatsoever of where we were trying to go to we found them! Or at least some lakes even if not the “Horhei” lake he told us about! As I’m writing this we are having a drink and some dumplings on a roof overlooking Beihei Lake. No complaints from this girl !

View from the top of the park
View from the top of the park

On an after note we found out after walking out of the restaurant that Hor Hei Lake was literally just half a block up from the place we had been. Super cool area regardless!



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