And I’m Grounded…

Literally. I’m not allowed to fly until the  pressure in my ear subsides or its going to burst and I’d prefer not to be deaf. So Togian Islands will not be happening for me ( Melissa and Peter will be going in their final month of travelling ).  Instead we are going to explore more of bali ( like we really have an option haha ) and after a 3 hour, quite painful – car sick plus higher altitude ( not so nice on my ear/one side of my face and neck ), car ride we have arrived in Lovina which is in northern bali. So far it seems extremely laid back, non busy, gorgeous beach area ( the opposite of Kuta in other words ). Mel and Peter plan on doing some diving and snorkel while we are here. While since I’m not allowed in water for a week I will be doing some nice lazing in the sun and going on some adventures by myself haha. After our time here ( which we have yet to decide how long we are staying ) we will head to Amed which is more north eastern bali. And hopefully by then, fingers crossed, I’ll be able to do the Liberty Wreck dive because I really, really want to !

Anyways that’s all the news I have for now .^_^.
And that’s Mel’s findings from our time in Gili T!



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