Gili Twanagan

So I apologize for not updating this more but the last week has been super busy! And our place doesn’t have wifi !  Anyways as of today Peter and I are Padi certified for our open water dives!!! Peter and I both have 3 hours and 20 minutes under water now. And we have seen turtles, a baby reef shark, cuttlefish, nemo fish ( i want to watch Finding Nemo so badly now! ), and lots of other fish!  Aan was our instructor and she may be for our advanced course too ( if we decide to take it ). She is downright hilarious. We are all going for dinner tonight to celebrate us passing with some other people from Manta Dive. I also was shown how to play Takraw which is an Indonesian game that is kinda a cross between volleyball and soccer. You can’t use your hands and pretty much try to volley it over the net using your feet, body, and head. It’s so much fun and such a good workout… I do have a few bruises due to my lack of coordination – pavement and a little sand then pavement doesn’t cushion your falls very well haha oh well. We shall be staying on this island for another four days and then we are off to Sulawesi. Until then it’s just gonna be beach time, some snorkelling and scuba diving, and a whole lot of chill time ^_^

Oh and on a health note every one is much better now. Go drugs!!



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