Trouble in Paradise

Unfortunately Asia is still not being kind. Melissa and Peter both have typhoid and parasites. They now have a bagful of drugs each so hopefully a swift recovery shall follow. Until they get their tests done to be sure the typhoid is gone ( 10 days approx ), we will be staying in the Bali/Kuta vicinity. Further details shall follow.

On a completely other note we are back at Blue Ocean Bungalows and have been since Friday. We also met up with some of my friends that I worked with in banff a few nights ago. It was a nice dosage of home! ( except I’m not missing the snow they got in Banff the other day !! ).
And an awesome photobomb by Peter!
Other than that not much has happened due to Mel and Peter kinda dying in a hole :( ¬†oh Asia why can’t chu be nicer?



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