Some Mad Beach Time

So on Saturday we arrived at Bingin Beach in Uluwatu. We spent the last two nights at Full Moon Guest House and had a gorgeous view of the ocean.


However since they had probably the worst beds ever and my bathroom was tres gnarly we decided to move places. Oh and our water only worked in short bursts. Mel got left with no water with her conditioner in and after waiting another 30 minutes I made a game out of it – turn the water on, rinse hair, water off, shampoo hair, turn the water back on quickly rinse out… And so forth. Ya get the picture. So now we are at Romeos which had awesome beds and a great shower but unfortunately it is ant infested. No joke, I’m literally not exaggerating –¬†between¬†Peter and Melissa I have made them come and kill no less than 500 ants. But they are black ones so aside from grossing me out they won’t actually harm me ( I keep trying to remind myself this to remain calm and not have a meltdown ). On a happier note the beaches are gorgeous. We went to Padang Padang Beach yesterday and today we went to Dreamland Beach. We are planning on staying in Uluwatu for another 3 nights ( not including tonight ).



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