Double Sixx Beach

On Tuesday we arrived by flight into Bali and by suggestion of Galuh we went to Legian beach aka Double Sixx Beach ( no one seems to know it by Legian even though that’s the actual name haha ). We have spent the last four nights at Blue Ocean Bungalows which is just the street across from the beach itself. The rooms are pretty decent and my bathroom is just open in the backyard ( took a bit of getting used to ).

Oh and a bat almost attacked me when I was peeing last night. Not cool. And okay it didn’t attack me but it flew over my head but that’s still to close for my liking ( not even 3 ft away !! ). I don’t want me any rabies!!!

We haven’t done anything too exciting here. Just a lot of beach time and we tried surfing one day ( but we won’t discuss it since my instructor was USELESS and I’m still trying to let it go. Oh how I miss chu Hendrick ! ). Mel and I also went shopping yesterday and I got two cute shirts ^_^ ( I just can’t curb my shopping addiction haha ).  And last night we met up with T and his girlfriend Frannie ? for a few drinks and to watch a show ( well Mel and Peter watched the show, I went to bed haha ). And now we are heading to Uluwatu today for the next three or four days and T and his girlfriend I think are going to join us.



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