A Day of Temples in Jogjakarta

Well today is our last night in Jogjakarta. Tomorrow at 7:25 am we will be flying to Bali, where we will be staying is yet to be determined.  Today we went to Borobudur and Prambanan temples. We hired a car for the day to take us there. We started with Borobudur which is the worlds largest Buddhist temple ( obviously Buddha obsessed me had to go to ). It was three tiers high and you walk it from the east entrance clockwise three times for good luck. At the top we were bombarded by children who wanted our pictures. No joke it was like we were famous and had our own paparazzi. It was intense ( we had well over a hundred photos taken of us! ).
After we took a nap on our drive to Prambanan temple where once again we were surrounded by Indo kids. One girl kissed Peter on the cheek and honestly you could hear the screams from all over within the temple!  Peter is the new Justin Bieber to the girls here apparently. We met 4 people there – 2 from the US, 1 Dutch girl and an Aussie. We are going to try meet up with the American couple when we arrive in Bali.



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