On Monday we took a train to Bandung from Jakarta and spent a night there before continuing on by car to Pandangaran. We went to see some live music at a bar and the band let Peter play with them on the drums for a song. We also saw people getting tattoos on the street… Very hygienic I’m sure!

The next day we hired a car to take us the 4-5 hours to Pangandaran. It was a really nice drive with beautiful countryside to be seen. When we arrived we checked in at Pondok Wulan which turned out to be a super cool place for cheap with the nicest owner ever, Betty, who was extremely helpful and full of advice. Melissa and I tried surfing the next day while Peter just rented a board since he’s surfed before in Hawaii and Australia. I got up on my first try and Mel on her second ( you can see in the picture below Mel with her instructor Douglas and me with my instructor Hendrick ).  It was so so much fun but its exhausting. I’m definitely not in shape haha.

That night Douglas invited us to a beach barbecue with a 4 lb red snapper which Melissa and Peter thoroughly enjoyed and I managed my way through to be polite.

The next day we tried surfing again and it didn’t go quite as well. The current was a lot stronger and at one point we all got evacuated from the water ( I was covered head to tie in sand, ’twas quite unpleasant ). We gave up after that since the waves were huge!!  And they continued to be huge and crazy for the rest of our time here ( 4-5 meters ! ). The next day Hendrick ( who decided I was to be his girlfriend ) took us to Green Valley and Blue Lagoon. We drove on motos – me with Hendrick and Peter with Melissa ( Peter had practised the day before on the beach and in town and Hendrick tried to teach me on the beach – clearly letting the asian drive wasn’t the best idea but I didn’t crash at least ! ) and two girls from the Netherlands named Alaina and Charlotte came as well. We stopped on the way to see how coconut honey is made and Melissa and Peter climbed up a coconut tree…. I was too scared to haha.

We then went to see a puppet maker and got to play with the puppets. Once we arrived at Green Valley we swam in a cave and jumped off a waterfall and once again Mel and Peter being brave climbed another tree and jumped off into the water. Yes I realize I am a scaredy cat. We stopped for lunch after and once again I had to choke down fish ( I made Peter eat one of my fish haha so he had three – taking one for the team, whatta gem ).

Puppet Maker in Pangandaran
Puppet Maker in Pangandaran
Peter may have found himself a new career coconut picking!
Peter may have found himself a new career coconut picking!
So many rice fields!
So many rice fields!

After we got back in town we rented a disco bike thing ( 4 person, lit up with flourescent lights and played music ) and we rode around town for an hour jamming out and killing ourselves laughing ( we were legit the only white people on one ). After that we just had dinner and called it an early night since today we got up early to take the local bus to Siradeja where we then got a train to Jogjakarta. We will be here for three nights I believe but right now I’m just hanging at a cafe with our bags waiting for Peter and Mel to find a guesthouse for us so we shall know for sure in a bit .^_^.



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