Potentially Our Last Night in Jakarta…

This morning we tried to book our flight to Pangandaran but silly us didn’t think about the fact that its Sunday. So nothing was open – Susi Air or any travel agencies – and now the plan is to go tomorrow morning and figure it out. We had the nicest taxi driver ever on the way back and he drove us down the walking market where cars aren’t allowed to go to get us to our hotel. Which was quite hilarious because it was so tight we thought we were going to have to turn back at one point. Lucky for us and our taxi driver ( taksi – I’m working on my indo here ) that Indonesians are so nice and they helped direct us and move things for us to get through. Later on in the day we met up with Galuh and after a scenic tour of Jakarta as we figured out directions ( we got lost twice… Her driver was out picking up her youngest sister from the airport. Needless to say we had a nice extra hour added to our drive which would have taken an hour with traffic took us two instead. Oh swell what do you do when you live in a shoe ?) we went for lunch with her and her two sisters, Jess and Shanti, ( i probably spelt her name extremely wrong ) in the Kempang area which is where all the expats live. It was a super cool area, much nicer than where we are staying ( next time in Jakarta we will stay there before we leave to Beijing ). We went for Baghdad food which was delicious. I had a chicken kabob and some hummus and pita. Afterwards her parents invited us for dinner at their place and gave us some travel advice and our going to give us the number of their surf instructor in Bali. Her step dad Chris, grew up in St. Albert and is friends with Van’s uncle Marc. What a small world eh? Galuh also invited us to Jogjakarta to go to her cousins wedding with her and to stay at her moms house there in a village just outside of town. I think it would be a super cool experience but we shall see if it works out. And also if Peter and Mel want to or if its just me who wants to go haha.
Oh and we also met a cool couple from Belgium and France and are going to meet up with them for breakfast tomorrow. We seem to have no problems making friends here, everyone is just so friendly!

Ps if you don’t quite get what is in the spoon, it’s the sludge at the bottom of Indo coffee. And it’s gross and super thick. The coffee is soooo delicious but I did not appreciate the goop at the end!



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