And Round Two Begins

The Asian has arrived in Asia…. Well technically I did yesterday afternoon but the wifi has been a little iffy lately. I made a friend at the airport named Galuh, who is from here but studying in Kamloops. Her driver gave me a ride home ( lucky for me since the traffic was insane and a cab would have gotten pricy ). I’m fairly sure I gave Mel an anxiety attack from taking so long to get from the airport to home but oh well. Day 2 and we are all still alive and together. Woot woot. We will probably spend another 2 nights in Jakarta before we move on to Pangandaran for what I believe to be five or six days. Family beware, we are all about to get our serious bronze on .^_^.

Except for the little white boy who may come back as a lobster because apparently someone does not believe in sunscreen. Tsk tsk



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