Coming Home


Well I’m currently at the elephant bar in my hotel waiting for it to be time to go the airport. And may I add I am surrounded by snobs. Love this hotel, but could do without the guests. It’s all the 30-40 year olds who are just way too uppity on themselves ( the 50+ crowd I have found to be extremely friendly ) though in their defence I am eavesdropping on them but still ( also I’m alone what else am I supposed to do while I sit here for two hours ). Anywhooo I fly out in less than 4 hours and after what I’m sure will be a gruelling 30 and a 1/2 hour flight I will arrive at 3:59 pm in Edmonton ! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see chu all!

On another note since I never blogged about my hotel I might as well do it now. This place is heaven on earth. I have never stayed at anywhere that matches the beauty and service of this hotel ( raffles le royal ). It’s 4 old French colonial buildings and it has two gorgeous outdoor pools and an amazing spa. And on an odd but extremely important part of why I love this place is it smells absolutely amazing. I know that is weird thing to mention but it does. I still can’t get over it. Just thought I should inform you all that if you ever choose to come to Cambodia this is where it’s at.



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