It’s a Waiting Game

I’m trying to stay positive but it’s starting to feel like I’ll never get out of Phnom Penh ( yes I know I’m being dramatic but I’m bored and have been here for two weeks now straight and just over a week in times before. And we all know patience isn’t my strong suit ). Every time I talk to the embassy it’s ” tomorrow” or “hopefully soon”, I just wish they’d give me a straight answer so I could quit getting my hopes up. It’s only the end of day two by myself and I think not having any company is just allowing me to dwell on being home way too much for my own good. I am sick of constantly being in a sweat, being harassed by every person you pass, of the constant horns and the pollution making my eyes feel like they are on fire. I miss crosswalks, I miss saying hi to random people as you pass by and not getting a “this chick is crazy” look in reply ( if any reply at all ). I miss Canada more than I ever thought was possible. I cannot wait to be home and see you all. All in good time I guess. I also can’t wait to be on normal person time and not “Asian time”. If I didn’t have my amazingly awesome tuk tuk driver I think I would be going completely insane. I was hoping my next blog would be a coming home one but that just doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. Hopefully tomorrow but I’m starting to feel its more realistic to think Monday which makes me want to throw myself off a cliff ( lucky for everyone that there are no cliffs to be seen! ). You all shall be receiving the biggest hugs ever when ( more like if ) I get home!



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