My Vacation From Asia

For those of you who haven’t yet been told, Thursday night while we were asleep in our rooms someone broke in and stole Vans wallet and my travel document holder which had my passport, ID, visa, debit, and health care cards. So after spending Friday dealing with the police to get a report made (and paying or as they put it “donating” $60 dollars to get it) I had to wait until Monday for the embassies to open. I went this morning and all the forms are now faxed to Thailand who will then fax them to Canada. It will take 3-5 business days for it to be processed and for the embassy here to get the go ahead to print me a passport. Once that is done I have to go to the immigration offices here and get an exit visa. That’ll take another 2-3 business days. Currently I am hoping to be flying out on the Monday or Tuesday of next week but we shall see. Ill keep y’all posted as I know more. For now I’m off to the doctors to see if I can get a doctors certificate. Oh the joys of Asia

*** I know I’ve put this comment on multiple posts but I repeat DO NOT EVER stay at Bright Lotus Guesthouse!!!



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