Rabbit Island and Kep

We just arrived back from Rabbit Island after a lovely three days there and an interesting two nights. Within the first ten minutes of being in our place, I unfortunately discovered a monster spider ( no joke it was by far the biggest one I’ve ever seen in my life – and of course I handled myself gracefully by letting out a bloody murder scream and running out of there as fast as I could ). When we went back that evening van inspected the washroom and it was no where to be seen. However that would have been too lucky, as van discovered when she went to the washroom the next morning and then was equally mortified as me. So we spent the rest of our time not using our bathroom and letting that monster of a spider win and keep it as his home. Other than lying in my bed terrified that the spider would kill me in my sleep ( thank god for mosquito nets ) our days were relaxing and tranquil. I kayaked around the island one day and walked the beaches part way the next. I spent hours reading in a hammock in the shade since my shoulders are extremely burnt without looking like it ( guess I’m too brown to see the burn but now I’m peeling, just lovely… ). Overall I’m pleased to be sleeping somewhere that isn’t inhabited by a spider but I’m proud to say I didn’t let it ruin my trip to the island! We spend the next two nights in Kep, so we have a lovely day of chilling at botanica guesthouse ( there are no words to describe how wonderful this place and the staff here are – we spent our first two nights in kep here as well before setting out to rabbit island ) ahead of us. I plan on being in the pool and hammock all day and its going to be marvellous ^_^




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