Today we are heading from Kampot to Kep ( which is pronounced like kype which I think is confusing since that is not at all how I would think to pronounce it! ). Yesterday we went up to Bokor National Park and explored old buildings and churches up there for the day. We went by moto up ( since its the only way you can go up aside from having a vehicle which we don’t …. ) which was actually a whole lot of fun and the views were amazing. Our hotel is ridiculously nice and has definitely the best shower by far that we’ve had on our trip. Our balcony overlooks the whole town and has views of the water and mountains, absolutely gorgeous. The town itself is the dirtiest place we have travelled to, with garbage laying all over the place, and also the most confusing since no businesses believe in posting signs…. We did manage to find the one restaurant we were looking for last night ( after three failed attempts of finding other restaurants we were trying to go to ) and we ate over the water while watching the sunset. Overall kampot province has amazing landscape but I’m glad to be moving on, two days was plenty for me here!



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