I’m Still Alive

After an unfortunate few days of my butt being kicked in Phnom Penh ( stupid bacteria and severe dehydration due from my inability to keep down fluids leading to an unfortunate day of being hooked up to an IV ) I am now capable of doing things again ( at least in small doses before I get too tired ). This morning we did the royal palace and the national museum ( finally! ). The royal palace was cool but not quite what I had expected compared to the royal palace in Thailand. The national museum was absolutely fantastic. The fact that they made all those artifacts and statues how long ago is just mind boggling to me!! We are now going to spend a few hours in our room because I’m exhausted and my head hurts but after that we are going to head to st 240 to go chill at “the shop” – by recommendation of my lovely sister Melissa.

And just to add to this blog we hit up orange river today and I think I fell in love. Why you told me about this store grandmother I don’t know. Me + orange river = lethal combination for my bank account haha ( those are my placemats and purse in the last picture – just a few of my purchases …. )



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