Siem Reap continued….

Today after finishing day two of temples, we had a nice few pool hours then headed into town for a massage and pedicure ( yeah I know I’m living a hard life ).

On eventful news of the day, I almost tipped over a tuk tuk getting into it. Self respect went out the door ( apparently no need to worry about my stomach problems making me lose weight! Haha ). It was tres embarrassing to say the least. Oh swell. Our bus leaves at 830 tomorrow but the guy told us to be there at 730 ( cus Cambodians are always on time/ early… ) so we are calling it an early night. Then it’s a 3 hour bus ride and then we will be in Battambang. Woot woot ^_^

Oh and we also had an amazing tuk tuk driver named ho who was fantastical and put up with us for the three days and helped us with our hotel situations. He was thee best! (And yeah I’m creepy and took a picture of him from behind while he was driving us…)



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