Siem Reap

Last night we arrived in Siem reap by bus from Phnom Penh. After an unfortunate amount of bugs that were on the bed and kept appearing from underneath the bed, I broke ( after a night sleeping with my silk liner tied in a knot so legitally no bugs could get in but trade off being in a tense ball all night to fit in the liner – so worth it to keep those dirty nasty bugs off me. Oh and did I mention it was me and van in a twin bed cus the other bed was way worse than the other ) and now we are staying at a really nice hotel. And I must say it is fantastical. We did day one of temples, covering Angor Wat and Angor Thom and a few other small ones. Tomorrow we are off to do Khel Seam ( I think haha ) which is a 2 km hike up after an hour drive but the carvings there are done into the riverbed itself which sounds pretty awesome to me. We also will hit up a few more temples along the way and then plan on lounging in our pool and then going to the night market.



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