Damn Cambodians

You would think normal people would tell you in advance if they wouldn’t let you leave your hotel…. But of course not in Asia. So I am sitting writing this instead of
1.) eating breakfast
2.) going to see the killing fields and genocide museum
3.) getting my laundry done
4.) do anything fun aside sit in a room

Four more hours to go but I’m not sure if that’s four real hours or four Asian hours …

Boo Phnom Penh

And adding to it, since I’ve had hours of sitting here, this isn’t the current kings its the old one who resigned in 2004 and he actually died over three and a half months ago ….. Now I’m really not impressed. Oh and they have just been keeping his body in the palace ( on slate like that makes it any better ) for the cremation they started planning in October when he died. Ew!



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