I’m in paradise ^_^

Today we are having a beach day and it is absolutely gorgeous outside. I’m very pleased with Ko Samui right now and our hotel has extremely comfy pillows and bed which is fantastic since I’m pretty sure we slept on a box spring in Chiang Mai….

We have our ferry booked for tomorrow morning to move over to koh pag nhan ( I probably spelt that incorrectly ) and then it’ll be some mad beach days for the next five days until we bus/ferry our way to phuket to fly to Cambodia!!!! We have a bunch of people we’ve met over the last two weeks plus some people from home that we’ll be meeting up with while we are on the island so I’m sure the next five days will be a blast.

If you’d like me to call while I’m on the island, we will have wifi at our resort so throw me a text or email and I’m sure I can find time between working on my tan to give you a call. Gonna get my bronze on ( and don’t worry grandma I have sunscreen and I even put it on my ears haha)



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  1. Alan Gee says:

    Hola Michelle. Sounds like the Trek was fun. I would've thought the Elephants would be cool! Beach sounds wonderful and looks gorgeous! Maybe you'll catch up to our Cabo Tan LOL!


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