3 Day Trek

Well since my body does not like the idea of sleeping i might as well update chu all now. Me and van just got back from our jungle trek and my does my body hurt. Like a lot, tis quite uncomfortable ( thank god for four dollar massages!). Got some mixed feelings about the tour but overall I had a great time. For starters I now understand “Asian time” and may I add that I do not have enough patience for it. And they also over exaggerate walking times which sucked because I expected a sick workout but was unpleasantly surprised to learn the hiking part was about half of the time which we were told. The village we arrived to, after about a two hour hike (in intense heat) of mild uphill for the 1st hour and then pretty much vertical climbing for the last hour (almost died by the end but it was fantastical), was super cool and legit. We stayed in bamboo huts and had no power, no western toilets, no heated water… you get the picture. But our guide Kwan cooked us amazing Thai food and made us cups and chopsticks from bamboo in the jungle. Then from the village we walked probably 2 and a 1/2 hours in the jungle, making pitstops at two waterfalls, to our jungle camp which then took it to a new level of roughing it. Our group of 13 were the only ones there aside from a sickly amount of dirty, flea infected in my opinion, dogs that just seemed to keep appearing. ┬áSince I think I escaped without fleas though, I can probably let that go now. The view of the sky was probably my favourite part of the entire trek (and the ridiculous amount of spiders took the prize for the worst part, not cool at all). The stars were brighter than any I’ve seen before and we had a fire going through the night (way, way, way colder than in the village which was way colder than in the city at night but you can make me happy always by letting me be a pyro ). We did the rafting and elephant riding too which I did not enjoy either ( didn’t expect to either, those ones were Van’s choices ). In other words the five day trek I originally wanted to do would have been perfect (double the walking, minus the elephants and rafting) but this was still fun for a shorter (easier) trek.





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  1. Hi from sturgeon county clan. The waterfalls look gorgeous. Next time (though sounds like there won't be one) I want a picture of you on an elephant. Loving the opportunity to follow your journeys on your blog. I look forward to checking what's posted. Stay safe but continue to have fun.


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