And We’re Almost off

We made our first friends yesterday! Woot woot!! They showed us the night market and gave us a bunch of other cool ideas of things to do. I’m pretty sure I could have bought the whole market. So much Buddha! I’m in love. Except you can’t take Buddha things out of Thailand so no Buddha Buddha for me yet unfortunately. When van wakes up we are off to see a few temples today including one that houses a lion Buddha…. Sounds different and I am mighty curious. Tomorrow we head out on our 3 day 2 night trek in the jungle and to the hill tribes. Except no long neck people for Michelle :( but its actually really sad, they are all refugees here and their true villages were originally in Burma and now they let people in to view them because its the only way they can make money (not allowed to work) and yeah people told us the little girls cry when they get their photos taken and its just not good. So we stay with the Athu tribe instead ( I believe that’s how you spell it…) for the one night and in a jungle camp the other. Anyways I’ll be out of contact until the 17th (unless you make my call list today haha) so remember I’M NOT DEAD! Love chu all ^_^



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