Last Day in Bangkok

So today we had quite thee adventure. We took a boat on the river to get to the temples which was a nice change to the busy, traffic filled streets.  The water was super gross though – not at all like my glacier lakes that I’m used to.  Van and I wandered our ways through the Grand Palace and Wat Pho which has the worlds largest reclining Buddha ( and we all know how much I love Buddha related things ). It was absolutely stunning and everything was so intricate. I definitely would not have the patience to have built them. Now we are just relaxing in our hotel and planning the rest of our time in Thailand. We fly out tomorrow at 2:45 in the afternoon to Chiang Mai and from there I will have to see where our wifi situation is at. Excessive blog posts may come to a halt after that but we shall see.




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  1. hey! its lena, dad and meeeeee!!!!!! I just showed them how to comment on a blog… :P anyway they wanted me to comment that the water looks gross and not to fall in!


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